10 Quick Tips to Speed up Ethernet Connection

Many people intend to speed up their wired or wireless network and make it as fast as possible.

Well, some things can you can do to speed up your internet connection.

These sometimes involve installing new software too.

Still, if you are dissatisfied with your ethernet connection, then you can consider changing your ISP or moving to a wireless connection.

You can also convert your wired connection to wifi.

To know more about it check this out.

1) Cable Length:

In a wired network, the length of the cable also affects the speed.

A cat5 cable can generally work in 328 feet after that mostly the signal starts degrading.

So try buying a new ethernet cable.

2) Update OS and Other Software:

You must make sure that your OS and other software are updated to get a  good network performance.

Also, all hardware components are in a good state and are not damaged.

check for firmware and driver updates from time to time.

3) Network Hogs:

Network hogs issue occur when an application or a device consumes a lot of bandwidth than the other ones.

You can use some software to analyze the network traffic on your Windows PC.

In this way, you can keep an eye on the programs that are using the most bandwidth.

Some popular software of this sort are:

  • NetBalancer
  • Wireshark

Wireshark allows you to browse the whole network to check for the bandwidth consumption and not just any one machine.

4) Check Ethernet Cable:

To ensure if the ethernet cable is correctly plugged in or not, do check its both ends.

Sometimes physical connections problems also slow down the internet speed.

5) Unplug Router:

Power cycling is the most common solution to such issues.

It involves allowing your router to clear its internal cache and then start from scratch.

6) Check Browser’s Cache:

Browser cache can also slow down your internet speed.

No doubt cache data allow faster loading of websites, but it also results in errors when the browser records and the website cache do not match.

7) Remove Browser Toolbars:

Removing them will also speed up your internet connection.

Well, chrome and firefox are supposed to be the fastest browsers

You can move to these browsers also if you are using any other than these.

8) Use VPN:

By using a VPN, you will avoid the ISP restriction issues.

This is because it uses external servers.

If your ISP restricts or throttle your connection, then you will witness an improvement in speed by using VPN.

9) Torrent Uploading and Downloading:

Torrent uploading and downloading also affect your internet speed.

You are unaware of it mostly because such applications run in the background and they start automatically when the computer is powered on.

Pause you torrent application to solve the issue with the connection speed.

Also, uncheck the option that says ‘Start torrent on system startup’ while installing it.

10) Scan Your PC:

Malware is also a cause of this issue.

Use a good antivirus to scan and remove the virus from your PC.

Final Words:

You will need some software and hardware fixes to accelerate your internet connection.

Go ahead and try the methods discussed in this article to enjoy a faster connection.