Amazon Fire TV Stick Review – Stream Full HD Videos on Big Screen

Amazon Fire TV stick is the whole new video streaming device which is aimed to give tough competition to Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast.

This device allows you to stream in full HD from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services. Along with it, it has a lot of apps like Spotify and Prime Music that it supports. The interface has got a complete overhaul to become a lot easier to use.

amazon fire tv

Design & Build

It looks a lot like a memory stick and you can simply plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and play. It is tough enough for use. It is up to 3cm deep and 9cm round, needs little space on the back panel of your TV, especially when making space for its USB power supply. To free up some space, it also comes with HDMI extender, luckily.

The remote that comes along with it offers D-pad for easy navigation, few of the playback controls, and voice input key. For more details, you can find it here.

Setting Up

Setting your Amazon Fire TV stick is very easy to use. Simply plug it on HDMI slot and USB cable in power source. You may want to pair your Alexa remote and hook up your Fire TV stick to your home network. You are all set after signing into Amazon account. It will detect your viewing pattern with time and personalize things for you.


Along with its new and improved interface, Amazon Fire TV stick has also got some hardware upgrades, such as improved Wi-Fi and new QuadCore processor. It is supposed to be 30% faster and provides more stable streaming with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, faster buffering and downloads. Even if your Fire TV stick a bit far from your router, you will see this change with its better range. It has 8GB of on-board storage for games and apps and 1GB RAM.


While scrolling, the whole-new quad core processor provides a welcome boost to the Fire TV Stick. It feels faster to load and slicker to browse while searching for content. Voice commands work very well.

Voice commands really work well. Instead of using Alexa wake command, you just press the button on its remote, hold it and just speak. It’s the first time a Fire TV product comes with Alexa. She is a lot smarter to do much more. The results are quite fast and mostly accurate. You can easily search films by name, actor, genre etc.

Don’t expect something extraordinary from Fire TV stick. But it is still the better product. Alexa voice is the best way to navigate, and improved Wi-Fi range and processor are added gems. You will definitely feel tempted with its features.