Best Sleep Aid – What Will Help Me Sleep?

The best sleep aid is the one that not only promotes sleeping but also corrects your sleeping habit and routine. There are many ways that may help you to sleep fast. Moreover, there are many types of sedatives that help to keep your brain calm. However, relying on pills cannot be the best option available for you.

Things that help you sleep include pills, natural herbs, habits, and routines. Pills are of two types Prescribed and Non-Prescribed. Prescribed pills are given by your doctor and non-prescribed pills are usually called over the counter (otc).

However, having pills can make you depend on them. People complain that if you leave such pills you will be deprived of sleep. So, keeping this in mind certain pills are there in the market that claims that they do not make people addicted to them.

On the other hand, there are many herbs and natural ways by which you can have the sleep you desire. However, these different ways might work for one and not for others. If you want to have the best sleep you need to follow the different ways to find out which way suits you the best.

Sleep Aid Pills

There are many sleep aid pills available in the market and they are usually called sedatives. However, most people avoid using pills for sleeping because such pills can make you depend on them. If you leave using such pills you will experience difficulty in sleep. In recent times due to technology, many pills are there in the market with an advanced formula that claims that it does not make people depend on them.

Pills like kirkland sleep aid, melatonin sleep aid, diphenhydramine sleep aid, and equate sleep aid are famous because of their role in making you fall asleep. However, there are also side effects associate with such pills. Supplements work by either relaxing your brain or by increase the hormone that promotes sleep.

By Diet

If you want to have sleep in a natural way then there are many foods and herbs that can help in giving you aid in sleeping. There is a long list of food that helps to promote sleep some of them are magnesium, pistachios, melatonin, milk before sleep, lavender, bananas, CBD oil, and so on. The food and herbs are there to increase the hormones that influence sleep.

So, by diet sleep can be promoted. However, people may not find such a thing and they may want other alternatives. If you are one of them who does not see the food to be the best option hen you may have to consider other choices.

By Habit and Routine

If you have a routine of watching TV at night then constant light in the eyes can alter the normal sleeping cycle called the circadian rhythm. However, if you want to influence sleep you can change your routine and habit.

You need to make sure that you do not expose yourself to loud noise, flashlights, and other such things that can take away your sleep. Stress and other thoughts can also influence sleeping patterns.

Habits To Sleep Easily

If you do not want to have supplements or natural herbs to make you sleep, you can try changing your habits. Habits can also contribute to program your sleep cycle. There are many exercises and habits that you can adopt for promoting sleep.

Habits can influence circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a natural process that regulates the sleeping and waking cycle. Circadian rhythms refer to the 24-hour cycles.  The cycle is the internal clock of the body that tells the body the time to sleep.

Remaining in the door in light and many other activities can disturb your circadian rhythm.  In this modern era due to the routine of the many people, the rhythm is disturbed. You can make it right by following good habits.

White Noise

There are many ways to maintain proper sleep. The first step for proper sleep is that you find out the fault that is not letting you sleep. If it is some sound that is causing you to wake then you can consider having white noise to cancer that noise.


There are many exercises and meditation that you can do to influence sleep. You can find out the best exercise or medication for you to get the sleep that you are craving. Exercise can also promote a boost of energy so it is recommended that you do exercise an hour before sleep. However, there are certain meditation and exercises that you can do right before sleeping.


There are many ways that can influence sleep however some may work for you and some may not. The working of the sleep aid is different for different people so you need to try out the best that suits you. It is recommended that you try the natural ways first and if you do not achieve results then you can try pills.