Chief Keef – Life Story

chief keef’s net worth

Chief Keef is an American rapper, record producer, and composer. He is known to be to a popular rapper and got his popularity in the early twenties. Even when in school, chief keef had an interest in music and was famous back then. Being a rapper is not easy, but passion is more important than anything. Today, chief keef’s net worth is around $2 million. Success pays you well, only if you are dedicated towards it.

Chief Keef age and early life

The real name of chief keef is Keith farrelle Cozart he is better known for his stage name as chief keef. He became popular while he was in school. Born in Chicago, lllions he is named after his uncle. When he was minor he got separated from his biological father. As a growing up kid, his legal guardian was his grandmother, who took care of him. He is rapping from the age of 5. He dropped out of Dyett High School at the age of 15. In his childhood, he also attended Dulles Elementary school known to be a therapeutic day school.

Today, at the age of 23, chief keef is very popular and successful. Earning a good position at such an early age is surely a big achievement.  Talking about achievements, keef’s early life was not so flourished. Yes, they had seen tough times due to their financial conditions.

At the age of 5, keef began rapping, a very young age but he did. Using his mother’s karaoke machine he recorded his music.

The mixtapes and success  

Chief Keef in 2011, earned his attention with his mixtapes, ‘the glory road and bang’ from Chicago’s south side community.  In December keef was arrested by the police and charged with unlawful use of a gun, as he fired a gun short from a Pontiac Grand Prix. When you something wild like that there are consequences. Keef was in-house arrested for 30 days and home confinement for another 30 days.

Being house arrest keef posted several videos on youtube. This resulted in a rise in his popularity. He received a lot of attention during when his next mixtape released. This lead to keef being a star, many labels were bidding war to sign him. The mixtape also caught the attention of Kanye West’s attention and he created a remix of the song ‘I Don’t Like’. In 2012, he released his first album ‘Finally Rich’ and gained more popularity from it.

Chief keef’s love life has also flourished over the years. He got engaged with Mesha in 2013 and their relationship resulted in 1 son and 2 daughters.  Chief Keef has fathered 4 children while being involved with 3 different women. His present relationship status is single. Over the years chief keef has grown and reached the topmost position of his career.  In March 2016, he tweeted that his retiring from rapping. Despite his announcement later in the same year, he was featured in MGK’s song, ‘Young Man’.