Commercial washing machine repair near me

commercial washing machine repair near me

Commercial washing machines move mountains of laundry every day. They are prone to developing glitches, and when they do so your business is at stake. So, you need to find good washing machine repair. Your search for commercial washing machine repair near me needs to end with one who has adequate experience in repairing a variety of washing machines. Different brands come up with somewhat different or unique features. You need to ensure that the repair workshop is able to repair that particular make of machine that you have.

Modern washing machines are an ensemble of mechanical, electrical and electronic features. Repairing them is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need to be aware of the features, connections, and problems in a particular brand of machines. Also, you need to select a service which provides genuine parts. Fake parts may not sit well with the other parts and the machine may continue to make troubles. Let us explore the types of washing machine trouble.

Types of Trouble That Commercial Washing Machines Face

  • It isn’t spinning

If the washing machine is not spinning it means that there is a defective lid switch, cut wire or burnt-out solenoid. Whatever it is, more often than not the reason is not apparent right away. Only a professional repair service can assess the situation and troubleshoot. A washing machine repair service must have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are able to identify defects right away.

  • The machine is vibrating too much

Is the washing machine shaking or vibrating too much? It may only be a problem with leveling. You can apply damper pads and see if it helps. If it is not helping there may be a problem with the suspension springs. In many cases, simply a problem with loading can cause excessive vibration. An experienced technician can identify the appropriate cause quickly and rectify it. You need such prompt service since for a commercial washer and dryer time is money.

  • Water drainage is not proper

If the washing machine retains water, it may be because of a defective pump, worn out drive belt, a jammed drain hose or something else. It is the job of the technician to identify the cause and rectify it within a small time. The technician may also need to replace appropriate parts. This will ensure that you face minimal downtime.

  • The washing machine is leaking


If the washing machine is leaking, it can be due to excess detergent. However, there may also be other reasons such as loose hose, clogged drain pipe, leaking pump, leaking tub etc. An expert technician can only identify the problem quickly and correctly. You need to find a repair service which has expert and experienced technicians.

Washing Machine Operation Tips

You need to follow some washing machine operation tips to maintain the machine in prime condition.

  • Don’t cram the machine with clothes
  • Don’t apply excess detergent
  • Do keep the lid open after few cycles so that the moisture dries up and no mold or fungus get a chance to grow.