Complete Beginners Guide to A Utility Kilt

Utility Kilt

The kilts are sort of skirts but for men and they are originally from Scotland. They are usually characterized by the kind of checkered pattern on them. If you think that there are famous clothing brands that product such garments then you’d be disappointed to hear that they don’t. The kilt is often worn as a carnival costume rather than as a regular daily wear. In Scotland, it is pretty common not to wear anything under the kilt. This is because it was forbidden by the Scottish military to wear anything under their kilts. In case you would like to get Utility Kilt for you which is modern day kilt and very much popular among kilt wearers.

It is rumored that all Scots don’t wear any underwear’s and are naked underneath. But everyone has right to wear what they want. You will also see a pouch like thing in front of the kilt. That thing is known as “Sporrans” and they aren’t there for just style purposes. They are very useful because kilts normally don’t come with any side pockets and sporrans act as a pocket for the kilts.

What Is Utility Kilt?

A kilt is a piece of garment derived from the Celtic clothing. They only feature typical tartan pattern at the beginning of the 17th century and some of the features that you see nowadays weren’t actually developed till late 18th and 19th century. The tartan kilt was known as “belted plaid”. Before normal kilts that we see every day in our life, there were “great kilts”, that featured a large piece of wool that used to slung over the shoulder and held together with a rather wide belt at the waist.

The belted plaid was usually colored and came with many tartan patterns. The Scottish Highland clans recently adopted wearing kilts. The clan chiefs, in particular, were keen to give their warriors a kind of uniform that should be different and unique from other clans.

The first ever tartan pattern for a kilt was created in 1618. In the same year, the decline of the Campbell clans took place and it was linked to the rise of Stuart and Jacobites. There was a long war between the Scottish government and the rebellion groups and it lasted for a very long time. Soon, the Scotland political party proposed the Union Act in 1707. After that, the tartan became of symbol of Scottish patriotism and is till now.

After the uprising in 1715, many small independent companies were created to ensure compliance with the law across the country. These companies were largely made up of Scottish volunteers and were known as Black Watch because of their dark tartan pattern. Once these independed companies were transformed, the tartan started to emerge. And that’s why the Black Watch tartan is the first documented tartan ever in the history.