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The applications of crawling Borescopes are highly versatile in nature. They can vary from inspection of fuel pipes, water pipes and other plumbing structures. Being a professional plumber I use them for detecting the internal flaws in high pressure pipes. They give absolute control over how I am able to move them. When I used the first such Borescope I was surprised to see its firm grip on the slippery internal surface of the pipes. In spite of the high pressure and flowing velocity of water it can crawl slowly in the pace you decide. The waterproof nature makes the device highly resistant to leakage,   rusting, deposition of algae and other waterborne pollutants. The crawlers can be used in combination with the wheels and spacers for varying the types of Borescopes movements within the pipes.

Borescopes Camera Efficiency

The camera efficiency of the Borescopes matters a lot to you as a user. The coverage depth can go beyond 150-feet depth with maximum accuracy. Most of the cameras on board the device are protected with water and shock-proof structures. They also give the required flexibility for the camera to rotate through 36-degrees. Of course you might not use this particular feature very regularly however the angular rotation up to 180-degrees seems to be the most in use.

  • Video Recording: – Most of the latest Borescopes come with video cameras. They can work and record videos in continuous running mode for many hours. The device is generally protected by water and shock resistant camera head with powerful LED. They enable capturing and transmission of crystal clear video images even in darkest parts. The cameras allow you to save the recorded files in .MPG. .MPEG, .AVI and other formats.
  • Shock Proof: – The intensity of shocks within high speed pipes can sometimes make the device explode. So you will need the Borescopes which are explosion-proof in nature.
  • Field of View: – The rotation angle of the Borescopes camera allows the field of view up to 90-degrees in one direction. The power of LED and the zoom capacity of the camera enable you to capture high quality images and video footage without any sort of aberrations.

Borescopes Battery Power

When you buy Borescopes you need to pay special attention to their battery power. The minimum I recommend is 12 hours backup under extreme weather conditions. Make sure the battery casing is water and shockproof in nature. This feature is required when you are using the Borescopes at remote places in high pressure pipes. It would be better if the charger is inbuilt and can connect with power source with our without cable. The option for twin batteries can help in extending the working hours of the Borescopes between two successive recharging.

Borescopes Measurement Scope

The crawling capacity gives additional measurement scope for the Borescopes. Now they can scan the defects and give real time input to the analyzing units in an efficient manner. Frame to frame coverage of the Borescopes makes them highly recommended for professional plumbers, hydraulic engineers and people engaged in construction and manufacturing industries. Read More