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In this busy life, no one has time to take proper care of the place. Regarding this, we offer the best cleaning Rockford, IL services. Our services enable you to take care of your work and we will perform the cleaning.


Properties of Cleaning Chemicals

We are committed to provide best and quality cleaning service to provide hygiene environment. To do that, it is important to choose and use cleaning materials wisely. In addition, we assure you that we use the recommended materials and chemicals.


We use chemicals, which are organic and have positive impacts on living beings.

We use non-toxic chemicals to ensure sanitize environment along with necessary health measurements.


Our Services


We offer various cleaning services such as floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, and window cleaning. We use high-quality materials to perform the cleaning.


Cleaning Principles

We have trained individuals who can do efficient work and deliver you competent cleaning services. To do effective cleaning, there are two basic rules to follow Physical Cleaning and pH maintenance.

Physical cleaning as the name reflects involves the removal of visual dust particles and bacteria decontamination. This process helps to reduce the infectious pathogens from a place by using suitable cleaning material.

Second is the pH maintenance principle. It links with water. Not everyone knows a suitable pH value to perform cleaning effectively.

We have given training to our cleaning staff to follow these two rules. Neglecting one rule can affect the cleaning process. Therefore, do not worry about our cleaning techniques. We are famous for our working mechanism.


We offer various types of cleaning services.


Event Cleaning Services

If you want to organize, an event or party and you are tense about cleaning. Your worries are over. We can do cleaning according to the given period. We will do the cleaning so that you can operate to work efficiently and enjoy the event.


Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are running a business and you want to clean your commercial place, we are at your service. As time passes, the place gets dirty due to tiny particles and can stick over surfaces. Leave cleaning of your commercial on our shoulder and focus on your work because for progressive business, relationships and client satisfaction are important.


Residential Cleaning Services

To clean the residential place, we offer the best cleaning service. We will mop your floor, hygiene your kitchen and disinfect your toilet flawlessly.


Occasional Cleaning Services

We offer occasional cleaning services. Such services are needed for low traffic places. We can mop your floor and can sanitize your guest room occasionally.


Recurring Cleaning Services

For day-to-day cleaning services, we can assist you. Such cleaning involves services that are frequently needed. We can serve you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Move-In and Move Out Cleaning Services

Such cleaning involves moving of household material i.e. furniture, sofa, plants etc.


Therefore, whatever kind of cleaning you require, Rockford House Cleaning Services provide best for clean, hygiene and pleasant environment.