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How to avoid spending time on clients who are not serious?

” What am I doing wrong? ”It is a question that every real estate agent has asked himself at some point in his career. Week after week, month after month, showing properties to clients and making presentations together with sellers so that, in the end, no transaction has been completed. At that time, and without realizing it, your job now is rather agony!

Is there a solution for this?

The key is not to greedily go after any potential customer that gets in your way, but to choose the right ones. Just as prospects have the opportunity to select their real estate agent , you have the option of choosing them like buyproperty. Before “selecting” your potential clients (whether they are buyers or sellers), we recommend asking a series of questions that will cover four important areas:

1. Competitiveness

Who is the decision maker? Who is the person who will sign the contract? Will someone else intervene during the decision making? Are they financially capable of making this purchase?

2. Flexibility

Are you aware that the chances of finding a house that meets 100% of your needs is very low?

If they are buyers, you should ask them: If the perfect home is not available, would you be willing to expand both the area, price range, and style of your search?

In the case of sellers, will the owners work with you to prepare and give access to the house? Are they willing to modify the price if the market requires it?

3. Motivation

Could that potential customer “pause” the transaction indefinitely? If the answer is yes, then it is not a good sign. Be sure to ask, “If we were lucky enough and found the home you are looking for today, would you be ready to bid on the spot?” You should also ask: “What would happen if the house could not be sold?” And if the response doesn’t show a real commitment to the transaction, you’ll know you’re wasting your time. Select only clients who have compelling reasons to move.

4. Loyalty

If you will commit your time and effort to their needs, will they do the same with you? Will they be willing to modify their schedules at some point in order to work with you? Will the sellers allow you to market their house without any conditions? Buyers will contact you if they find the house you are interested in. Some buyers may think that the more real estate agents show them different houses, the better their decision will be. Explain to them how that plan will backfire on them.

It will be your decision to work with a prospect that does not provide satisfactory answers to your questions, but at least now you will be aware of the risk that this implies in finding property in smart city. If you have time and gas in your car, then go get it! Otherwise, it would be wise to have a clear and concrete conversation with your prospect and determine whether or not they will continue to move forward in the process. You don’t want to start working with another “client” who will only take advantage of you and your skills.