How to curl hair with straighter?

If you have a lot of hair styling products laying around in the bathroom. Then, we can assure you that it will create a total mess, the items you have is supposed to make your life easy but all these items do is create a mess.

If you want all of your products to heat up at the same moment while keeping all of them safe then you need to learn how to use them all one by one, this becomes more of a hassle than making your life at ease

If you have a hair straightener at home then you may not know this, you can actually use your hair straightener for many purposes other than just straightening your hair. Many people use their hair straighteners for curling their hair.

If you use our method to put curls in your hair then you are saving money on buying two products, so if you want to learn the method of curling your hair with a hair straightener then follow these simple steps.

Steps to put curls in your hair

Preparing your hair

If you want to put curls in your hair then you should always start with dry hair, it is the first and basic step in putting curls in your hairs. If you try to put curls in your hair using wet hair then, all of the curls will be loose.

You have to start the process all over again, it is recommended that you use mousse when you dry your hair with a blow dryer, if you do this then this will put some extra volume in your hair when you start to put curls in them.

Choosing the right flat iron.

You have to choose the best flat iron for your hair, if you don’t have a good flat iron then it will become very difficult for you to put curls in your hair. There should be a difference of 1 to 2 inches from the plate to the handle.

If the flat iron you own is shaped like a paddle, then forget it will help you put curls in your hair, paddle-shaped hair straighteners are best if you want are in a hurry to straighten your hair. You should always heat up your hair straightener to an optimum temperature.

You should use a low temperature and high for long and thick hair. For hair that is difficult to deal with we recommend that you use your flat iron at the highest temperature. It is recommended that you buy a straightening iron that has rounded borders as it gives the best results while putting curls in your hair.

The use of heat protectant

It is recommended that you a thermal spray before using any sort of hair straightener on your hair. It is done so you can protect your hair from the intense heat of the hair straightener, if you don’t use a thermal spray your hair can frizzle up, sometimes your hair burns in the intense heat.

The thermal spry put a thin layer on your hair which acts as a barrier, it prevents the heat to penetrate deep into the skin on your skull.

So, it is advised that you use a quality thermal spray before putting curls in your hair.

Separating your hair

If you have really thick hair then it is recommended that you try to put curls in a small section of your hair rather than large ones. You should start from the bottom near the neck and work your way up. You should always try to make a habit of separating your hair while putting curls in them.

If you do not do this then you are making things difficult for yourself. This is the perfect hack if you want the best results from your hair straightener.

Flicks or curls

There are basically two ways to put curls in your hair, but certain hair type responds better to one way of putting curls than other. Flicks usually start at the end of the hair length while curls start from the closest area from your scalp.

Turing your flat iron full

If you want wavy-looking hair, then you can turn your flat iron halfway, but if you are looking for a complete and wholesome look then it is better to turn your flat iron to the fullest. Rotating your flat iron all the way around will ensure you get the perfect curls.


In this article, we talked about the different methods that you can use to put curls in your hair. Ideally, you should keep a good 2 in 1 straightener and curler for this purpose. Also, if you need a tool for professional use then just keep salon quality 2 in 1 hair curling & straightening iron.  All the methods mentioned in this article are tried and tested by various hair professionals and experts. So you can put your mind at ease.

You can try any method that is mentioned in the article and get the results you want.