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Nicotine e-juice Australia | Lower your health risks with E-cig vaping

As per the legal norms in Australia, It is to believe that you are unable to buy nicotine vape juice in Australia. But if your trigger your brain and think, the fact is you can buy E-juice containing nicotine from outside the country and can order a three month or less supply for your personal use. Thus, it is to denote that Aussies can vape electronic cigarettes with Nicotine. There is a complete interpretation Australian Government site which details about the legal way to purchase nicotine vapes. There is no import prohibition from customs on electronic cigars for personal use. Since, the customs fee is also nil, the purchase of nicotine e-liquids and accessories is made very simple and easy. The only thing to do is just choose your style of electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, select your desired e-liquid nicotine strength and flavor and place n order for us. There is a complete suggestion manual too in our website for the e-smoke beginners.nicotine ejuice australia

There is no prohibition on importing vaporizers or e-cigars into Australia, so they will not confiscate your products at the border provided your order value should be less than $1,000 AUD in order to avoid customs fees.

Shipping to Australia:

A NZ Post Courier service, a part of the international postal service at a cost of $8.00 which includes a limited tracking number is preferred by our company and the speedity of your order can be checked time to time.

E-Cigarette Regulations in Australia:

It is illegal to sell, advertise and import for resale of nicotine e-cig vapes and related accessories in Australia as per the Country laws. Vaping companies based in Australia can only sell nicotine free (non-nicotine) electronic cigarettes and products. However, it is required to have nicotine in your e-cigarette to have a successful transition from tobacco-based cigarettes to vaping. If not, again the strive for nicotine triggers you to move for traditional cigarette use which spoils your health and wealth.

So, all worries for Australia smokers can be freed. You can just order your e-cigs, nicotine e-juices and related things from a company that is not Australia based nothing but ours which delivers you your desired products at your footstep.

Selection of Nicotine E-juice:

With just a single click, you can get your choice of e-liquids. You are supposed to choose the right and apt nicotine strength and flavor one which suits you.  The nicotine level should be selected in such a way which matches your current tobacco nicotine usage levels. There are six types of nicotine concentration levels being offered by us namely 18 mg, 12 mg, 9 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, 0 mg.

You can select and enjoy different types of flavors being offered for e-smokers. The flavor might be menthol or an alternative, fruity or spicy and we can assure you that any of our nicotine e-juice australia products will be loved by our customers because of its unique recipe in preparation.nicotine ejuice australia

All related accessories are also available which can be selected upon your personalized choice.  You can be a part of the revolution towards building a tobacco-free world.