Passive Radon Mitigation vs Active Radon Mitigation

When you construct a new house or buy one then remember to ask your contractor or builder about the type of Radon Mitigation System installed i.e. either it is active or Passive Radon System. We have an experience of working with different contractors in different states. When Lifetime Radon Solutions works in some house i.e. newly constructed or is under construction then we always prefer Active Radon System into the framework of the home. When Radon System is installed during construction then it saves the owner a lot of money and the plus point is that our technicians will work in such a way that they will conceal the Radon System so that the beauty of the house is not affected at all in any way.

Radon Mitigation Systems

Passive Radon System works without the presence of an active Radon Exhaust Fan System. A passive Radon system basically works by exhausting gases through the drain or the sump crock towards the roof top and all this becomes possible due to the difference in pressure which is in common words known as “stack effect”. Air Buoyancy takes place because of a difference in pressure, temperature and moisture effects but remember this is useful not in new houses built because they are air tight so the difference in pressure is not sufficient. So, it is preferred that we use an Active Radon Mitigation System in newly built houses.

If in some house, there is a passive system installed and the owner wants to convert it to an active system then it won’t be difficult because all you need is to install an exhaust fan system. It seems easy but it isn’t because for exhaust system to work properly you have an electrical outlet near the exhaust fan for powering it and if you don’t have then installing the power outlet would add cost to your job but don’t worry our technicians have the experience of doing this for a while although it’ll cost you extra but your work will be done properly and professionally. When you consider on installing a radon system in your house then passive system seems cheap and easy to install but in later run it would cost extra because when you urge the need to convert it to the active system then you would have to pay a lot extra for installing the updates. In short, we at Lifetime Radon Solutions would recommend Active Radon Systems Over Passive Radon Systems.

Remember when building a new home always prefer Active Radon Systems because this will not only save you money but also maintain the look of your house. And if you have moved in to your new house then asked the property dealer about the type of Radon System installed and if you need any sort of help or assistance just give us a call.