Pool Deck Cleaning Processes

Pool Deck Cleaning Processes

The pool deck is an area where people spend time during summers. When the summer starts, you can see people don’t want to sit inside the house they just sit outside near the pool or inside the pool. Now a day every house has a pool where the families can enjoy with each other. A pool is just like a structure to hold water to do swimming or other enjoyable activities. It can be built into the ground and made from metal, stones, plastic and so on. The deck is a wooden platform in which people can stand or sit on it for changing their clothes, chit chat with each other and for relaxation. The pool deck cleaning is made from woods in which small wooden parts can join & make a big platform for people. These days its demand is very high from people. Everyone wants to have this kind of facility.

How to Clean?
It is a pool deck cleaning process in which people can clean or maintain their pool deck. People are facing problems on the pool deck like cracks, stains, rust, algae on the above surface & their edges. So they want to remove these kinds of problems in which they can use different ways to clean the pool deck like some of them are using acid, Gel, powder etc.
Many people are using brands, some are using homemade products in which they thought these products are not harmful that’s why they choose home made products.
There are following processes in which you can clean or maintain your pool deck area:-
Process 1
When your pool deck will crack then you have to do these steps:-
• Produce your homemade cleaner in which you can take a large bucket full of hot water & take little mild eco-friendly soap cleaner and mix it with gently.
• Apply or Spread your mixture on the surface of the pool deck and scrub with the help of mop.
• Rinse your mixture for some time and then wash the pool deck with help of brush and mop. You can spray the handmade solution on the spots and scrub repeatedly as your requirement.
• If you have power washing then use it accordingly so that your deck looks clean as you want.
• Once a deck will dry you can apply deck sealant in which your pool deck will protect by the sun or seasonal changes.
Process 2
When your Wooden pool deck will get stains, algae then you have to do these steps:-

If you have wooden pool deck the process is generally same as for cleaning a cracked deck. Only the thing you have to take care that how much you can use cleaning solution or you can use lime juice, baking soda or soap water solution as it affects the wood’s colour.

Keep these points in your mind and do daily, then your pool deck area will be good looking. If you want to keep it as same and to reduce your workload in your future then follow these steps twice a year. By following these points your pool deck cleaning is becoming very easy.