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Radon Fans

As we all know that after smoking Radon gas is the biggest cause of lung cancer in people. So, to avoid this it is necessary that whenever you shift homes or is going to buy a new home then we recommend you call us for the inspection OF Radon Gas and if we find the traces of it in the premises then we hope for sure to mitigate it. Now Radon Fans are used for mitigation of the Radon Gas form homes and trust us without these heavy and industrial fans we won’t be able to help out clients in any way. If the person or his family is exposed to the Radon Mitigation for long enough then trust us this could cause the permanent damage in lungs and after that the recovery would be very difficult for the person whatsoever.

Types of Techniques used for Radon Mitigation by the help of Radon Fans:

We believe that there are a lot of people on the surrounding areas wo doesn’t know that their houses are the victim of radon gas however it is better to be checked or inspected once in a year to be sure that there aren’t no traces of such things at all in the house.

The techniques used with Radon Fans are as follows:

  • Sub-Slab Depressurization is the most common techniques that we used in our homes to eradicate the Radon gas forever. This technique demands that we dig up a hole in the ground i.e. a pit and then in this pit we add the Radon Mitigation Fans, these fans will suck up the air to leave them in the open air according to the EPA standards. We also believe that in the old houses this technique is used whereas in the newly build houses we have already added the sump pumps at the time of building so with these it isn’t very difficult to eradicate the Radon Gas. However, the Radon Mitigation Fans sucks out all the Air as well as all the moisture form the soil and in return this creates cracks in the soil particles thus releases the trapped radon gas too. In this way we get the mist benefit out of the by using this technique.
  • Block Wall Depressurization is another technique which makes sure that we performs the following function i.e. dug up a hole in the ground and also make a small hole in the hollow wall to and in this we make sure to suck out all the air from within in the walls as well as from the ground too. So, this is another technique that is practically been used nowadays.

However, the EPA gives us the that the Radon gas value should be less that the 4pCi/L, whereas World Health Organization gives this reading to be within the perimeter of 2.7pCi/L. So, at the time to doing the Radon mitigation make sure to  adopt these perimeters and always make sure to do all this by taking the help of a professional team.