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Real Estate Pakistan, the success story of the ICHS Town Islamabad

When we hear that an entrepreneur is launching major reforms and an innovative vision in business, we are all assaulted by the fear of what will happen when that person can no longer remain in the gap.

It is the case of many businesses that after having a great figure at the head of the business, they have to close because the successors have failed to follow the trail of “doing things right.”

The case of ICHS Town Islamabad success that we share with you today in our real estate blog is an example that is not always the case: It has offices in, West Seattle, Bellingham, Portland and Whidbey Island among other areas.

The real estate success story of Windermere Real Estate

Sky Marketing based in Islamabad, Pakistan deals in the listings of plots for sale in Islamabad. Founded in the 70s by a visionary named John Jacobi, it currently has a huge network of offices (more than 300) with more than 7,000 agents in the western United States.

When John Jacobi launched the real estate agency, he had a clear vision of what was working in the sector: anticipating and responding to the needs of buyers and sellers as well as supporting the communities he served.

While other companies focused on growing, their goal was to gain respect from the communities in which he and his agents lived and worked.

Four decades later, the basic principles that John Jacobi established continue to reap real estate successes throughout regions as important as California, Arizona and Nevada.

These principles are summarized in three: hire the best agents, offer them the best tools for real estate  and create thriving communities. And 40 years later, the formula is still working.

The best professionals

On more than one occasion we have talked about professional success through specialization. The Internet has opened the doors to thousands of buyers and sellers who do not need someone to do “a little of everything” but to difficult-to-satisfy customers who only want “the best specialist”.

This philosophy is what led Jacobi to hire the best professionals from the beginning. Many of them are still on the Windermere Real Estate staff today, since specialization is a good path to real estate success.

The best tools to work

The real estate agents that Windermere Real Estate hires have at their disposal the most innovative applications that allow them to serve buyers and sellers with an exclusive methodology.

And what is more important: many of the best tools that Windermere agents have at their disposal have been born from the ingenuity and initiative of the agents themselves. Others, such as the real estate software  they use to manage their tasks with their clients, are the result of investments in technology necessary to continue offering the best service.

This is the case of Insightly, an online CRM tool designed for day to day with powerful features, such as the ability to manage all information related to customers, project management, integration with thousands of platforms, etc …

Another of his major investments in technology has been a  completely renovated real estate website , which is based on a powerful blog.

Create thriving communities

Jacobi’s commitment to the community has continued in the second generation of owners. The Windermere Real Estate Foundation, Community Day and the wide variety of events that support the company’s neighborhood attest to that.

Through the Foundation, a portion of each and every property sold or purchased is donated to support families without resources. An initiative that has raised over 26 million dollars reinvested in the community for 26 years.

It is undoubtedly an excellent way for a (now) large company to commit to the community that has seen it grow to return a part of the success they have reaped with their support.

The second generation of leaders

As is tradition in some Anglo-Saxon countries, John Jacobi involved his children since childhood in the family real estate. From the beginning they participated with eventual work and volunteer days in the community.

His efforts have had great results 40 years later, when the company he founded is in the hands of the second generation of leaders who keep the family tradition intact with their eyes fixed on the future.