Removing side effects of air conditioners

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Air conditioners work out to be your saviour. This would be during the hot months of the summer where you need a respite from the heat. But you cannot rate it to be an innocent device. This would be as per heating and air companies. It does provide you cool air, but there are some side effects of it at the same time. The main reason why such side effects tend to emerge would be people are unaware of how to maintain it. Before we proceed ahead to let us now go through the side effects of it.

So what are the side effects of air conditioners?

Constant fatigue

Research does prove the fact that people who work in air conditioner environment are prone to fatigue. Headaches are common which does make you vulnerable to cold or flu in any form.

Dry skin

If you happen to spend long hours in an air conditioner it sucks out the air. If you do not put the right type of moisturizers on your skin it will become dry.

Now the most important question that you would need to address is how to get rid of the side effects

  • Restraint- Do keep in mind that AC is a machine. Just to have an air conditioner environment you cannot keep the machine running for hours and hours. Make it a point that the temperature you set is just below the room temperature. Just switch it on and after a couple of hours you can turn it off.
  • The filter should be prone to cleaning- if the filter would not be subject to regular cleaning dust particles accumulate. Exposure to these chemicals could go on to pose serious problems. Throat infection along with nose problems is common.
  • Water power- If you drink a lot of water it does help you to get rid of dry skin. As the AC would suck out the moisture from the skin when you go out apply a moisturizer?
  • Go exteriors- If you happen to be confined to your home the problem would escalate to a different level. It would be in order that you go out and experience the outside temperature. The worse would be that any gyms have AC in place. This does reduce the purpose to sweat it out. Do take note of the age-old proverb no pain without a sweat.

To conclude the only way where you can be hand in glove with AC would be not to depend on it. The summer season does promise heat and it would be prudent on your part to switch off the AC for a few hours. The key would be to adapt you to the given environment.

Any side effects that do occur with an air conditioner would not be something to lose sleep. By playing it a little bit smart you can go on to control it. Just bear the heat along with the sweat that would come along with it at the same time.