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If you see someone committing a fraud against the federal government, you have an opportunity to report it to the authorities so that they can stop the wrongdoing and you may be able to participate in the recovery. If you file a lawsuit on behalf of the government, that kind of case is known as a qui tam. Getting a Whistleblower Attorney Lexington can help you do this. In today’s society, it may be even more attractive to some people to turn to fraud and corruption. Although one would hope the government could prevent this, the various Inspectors General for the different Federal Agencies hasn’t always been able to stop everybody. But at SALUDA LAW, Whistleblower Attorney Lexington the firm is ready to help you with reporting Federal False Claims and Federal Fraudulent Claims through different mechanisms. The firm helps all kinds of whistleblowers, and Saluda Law may be able to help you even if you don’t think you can afford a Lexington Whistleblower Attorney. If you want to try to stop government fraud then Saluda Law may be able to help you. Saluda Law has experience filing Federal False Claims Act cases in South Carolina. If you have witnessed fraud against the federal government by contractors or healthcare providers then call Saluda Law today and Saluda Law can walk you through your options on reporting the matter and potentially filing a lawsuit under the False Claims Act. If you see a bank defrauded then tell Saluda Law about it, Saluda Law can talk with you about whistleblowing under the Financial Institution Recovery and Reinvestment Act (FIRREA) and the Financial Institution Anti-Fraud Enforcement Act (FIAFEA) and Saluda Law can talk with you about making a declaration to the United States Government. Saluda Law also handles Internal Revenue Service and tax whistleblowing cases. If you know anyone who has committed a tax fraud or turned in a fraudulent tax return, Saluda Law can potentially assist you with reporting them to the IRS Whistleblower Office.

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