Self-treatment of some simple skin problems

some simple skin problems

Skin care industry:

Today, industries make billion-dollar from skin care product. Many surveys are conducted to find the result. In fact, the results are quite promising, and industry is expanding rapidly. More than 350 million pounds were spending for skin care treatment. Meanwhile, the treatment which is conduct in homes is quite simple and easy instead of going outside and spend money on dermatologists. With the help of Customerhealthguide, you will find the best recommendation for your skin.

Spending by the people:

On the individual survey conducted on nearly more than 3000 people, it was concluded that on average, a woman spends ten to eleven pounds per month on her skin treatment whereas on average, a man spends nearly eight to nine pounds per month on the treatment. This spending is on simpler problems like acne, dryness etc.

Simple cures for some problems:

Here we are going to list some simple problems faced by the people. We will give cures for those problems as well. The cures, mentioned here, are fully tested and pose no danger to your skin.

1: Patches of different tones:

It is a common problem faced by the people. There are patches of different tones of skin on the face. This problem is sometimes referred as “mismatched skin”. There is no need to visit a dermatologist and spend a lot of money there. This problem can be easily cured by changing the dietary habits. One should eat a variety of foods and fruits as well. This problem is faced by the people when they are not having variety in foods. It is actually the result of lack of important skin nourishing nutrients.

2: White spots on skin:

It is another problem on which people spend a lot of money by going for expensive treatments. White patches are actually a body’s way of warning the person that the sugar level in the blood has crossed the limit. One should also go for a diabetes diagnostic test. Actually, when the sugar level increases and crosses the limit, it causes pigment-making cells in your skin to die. Hence, pigment production ends that’s why the white spots appear on the skin.

3: Dark circles around the eyes:

There could be multiple reasons for this problem. Dark circles usually appear around the eyes and make your face look really bad. Experts suggest using cucumber slices on the eyes in such conditions. In some cases, even cucumber slices are not able to remove them. This is a sign of lack of enough sleep. So, it is the time to stop watching late night movies and go to bed as early as possible. Eight hours is a recommended nighttime sleep for the adults. In few cases, this condition might be accompanied by heavy or puffy eye bags. In such case, there could be a problem in your kidney as it was already discussed on Customerhealthguide.