The gutter under the roof serves a very important purpose

gutter cleaning

It drains the water from the roof away from the house and its foundation. So it saves the foundation and the walls from becoming wet. If the gutter does not clear the water away from the foundation, water pressure may build up near the foundation. This may lead to back up of water inside the house which may appear as soggy floors in the house. If water seeps into the walls of the house, the walls may become moist and damp. In the long turn this may give rise to mould. But why should such an occasion arise? This may arise if gutter cleaning is not regular and proper.

Why do you need gutter cleaning

You need to clean the gutter regularly. If you don’t do this the debris coming down from the roof along with rain water would start to accumulate in the gutter, especially around the mouth of the downspout. Slowly, it will become clogged and water wount be able to pass through it. Water would accumulate in the gutter and would flood the gutter after some time. Where would this water go? The water will fall on the ground below directly from the gutter. This will leave mud stains on the exterior wall.

Not only that, the stagnating water may also leak through the gutter and into the walls of your house. If this goes on continuously, the walls may get moist and give rise to moulds and stains. Stagnation of water would also weaken the fasteners that fasten the gutter to the fascia. As the fasteners come loose off the roof, the gutter becomes mostly dysfunctional. This may also dislodge the downspout from the gutter. So what you need is to clean the gutter regularly and properly. Otherwise, you may need to replace the gutter or parts of it more often than not.

Even if you don’t do it yourself, you may contact a gutter cleaning service to do it. These people can remove the twigs, leaves or branches of tree or bits from the roof that accumulate in the gutter. Such debris not only clog the drain, but also rot in it and give rise to fungus and moulds. If you are not cleaning the drain and the gutter for a long time, you may need to use chemicals and scrubbers to clean it. However, during cleaning the system you must be careful about the downspout. You may need to take the spout away from the mouth of the gutter, remove the debris from it and fit it again to the gutter. You must be careful while doing so since damaging the mouth of the spout may impair its ability.

However, if the gutter is getting out of service more often than not then just gutter cleaning may not serve the purpose. You may need to replace it or at least parts of it. Gutters are made out of fusing some gutters together. You may need to replace one or some of these. If the downspout is damaged you may need to change it.