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tinted windows Durham, NC

To overcome the difficulties from the sun that can cause damage to the building and your vehicle tinted windows Durham, NC has the best solutions.


Reasons for tinting

It is very difficult for you to drive in hot summer. The reason is that sunlight is very disturbing. It not only makes driving difficult but it also affects the skin. The best way to overcome this problem is window tinting.


Tinting not only provides you the protection layer but also increases the beauty of your place.

We also offer the heat resistant film, you can enjoy the sunlight without causing burning to your skin.


Window Tinting Rules and Regulations

For the successful running of the business, we follow all federal rules and regulations. Each state has different rules regarding window tinting.


According to NC window tint law for the windshield, six inches of non-reflective tint is acceptable. We can make window tint up to 70 but this is entirely dependent on your choice and will.


We know that you are a law-abiding citizen and we respect that and we do tinting according to law and legislation forwarded by government.


Bunch of services

We can provide unbeatable solutions to window tinting problems. Window tinting is not a costly process. Price and quality both matter. Therefore, we offer you the best deals along with quality work.



We can do window tinting for your vehicles, residential, and commercial places. For vehicles, we can do work instantly and you can go to accompany your friend waiting at ice parlor.

For residential places, window tinting is necessary because harmful UV rays are bad and dangerous for individuals. In addition, direct sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of furniture and other appliances.



If unfortunately, there was some accident and your car got scratches. No problem, we can repair the paint damage in an hour or two. We will repair paint chips and deep scratches.


If you do not know how to get rid of window-related problems, just contact us, tell us your problem. We guarantee quality work. We also perform window tinting repairing facilities. With time, everything loses its credibility and there is a need to replace it with a new and better one.



Along with window tinting, we can also install heat resistant film to windows. We can install various types of heat resistant film depending on your choice and requirement. We have heat resistant film that can block 99% of ultraviolet rays, 79% solar heat, and reduce 83% glare.


Our Legacy

We give you the warranty for our services. We will replace the thing free of cost if it gets damaged within the warranty period.


We provide a free consultation regarding commercial, residential, and vehicle window tinting and we bless you with best heat resistant film options.


For better user experience, consult us today. There are no consultation charges. We are committed to serving the community not to earn money. We assure you that you will get tremendous services at affordable rates.