The specific characteristics of the Wahl Finale mower

wahl trimmer

Step 2:  Clean your beard with a suitable mild shampoo

To eliminate bacteria and odors that lodge in your beard by using wahl beard trimmer , it is essential to use 3 to 4 times a week, a beard shampoo . It gently eliminates odors linked to cigarettes, meal residues … Because the skin below your beard is not similar to your scalp, it is important not to use a classic wahl beard trimmer that is too aggressive  for maintenance ! Also discover the Osma beard shampoo .

Special beard shampoo

wahl beard trimmer

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The famous brand of professional mowers WAHL unveils its new technological gem: the Wahl Finale 5 Stars mower. This finishing clipper is ideal for finishing fades extremely close to the skin and shaving on short hair. We present you the different features and characteristics of this new product at the end of 2020.

Wahl Finale 5 Stars mower: for what purpose?

This tool is a precision trimmer, therefore, finishing. It removes all regrowth hairs for an ultra smooth and, above all, uniform finish without difficulty. It is used to obtain fades extremely close to the skin, and even for shaving the head on short or even very short hair. It is very powerful, which allows intensive use of the material.

This special Hairgum beard shampoo cleans the beard gently and deeply. This beard treatment also moisturizes the facial skin.

Characteristics of the Hairgum beard shampoo

Based on natural ingredients from organic farming

Wash the beard gently and thoroughly

Soft formula (wheat protein) and refreshing (menthol)

Provides a healthy, soft and shiny beard

Clean, toned and hydrated skin

Scent: mint and vanilla

Made in France

Tips for using professional beard shampoo

For optimal results, it is advisable to use the beard shampoo at least 3 times a week.

  1. Apply shampoo to wet beard hair
  2. Lather abundantly
  3. Leave on for a few moments for the product to take effect
  4. Detangle if necessary using a special beard comb or wooden comb
  5. Rinse

In summary, with this Finale mower, you can:final

  • Create very short finishes and fades, down to zero
  • Clear any fade lines for optimal results
  • Perfectly smooth and clean the back of the neck
  • Remove remaining hair for a clean shave without pimples and a perfect result
  • Shave a very fine beard, hair still very close to the skin
  • Please note, this material is not designed for shaving long hair and shaving the beard.

Concerning the use, the brand recommends to cut the hair as short as possible first with a cutting clipper or another finishing clipper and then use the Wahl clipper for finishing at zero.