Website design

Website design is a comprehensive term that includes a world of designing

website design

developing and scripting jobs. In simple terms we call it Website Design, but in reality it is a complex web of tasks combined together to give rise to hosting a website. So what are the things that are involved in designing a website.

Graphic design

Graphic design is itself a comprehensive set of designing principles that are applicable not only for websites, but also for print and other visual media. It renders excellent written material accompanied by nice images and videos. But this is just the beginning of graphic design. Graphic design can go to the level of 3d animation. Film producers have used 3d graphic designing principles to make films like Jungle book as well as various games. So, depending upon your niche, you may need a liberal dose of graphic design in your website. Graphic design is not just a splash of colors and artful words, it means lot more.

Content management system

A content management system is a must in website designer. You need to put content in your website. You need video content, graphic content as well as written content. How do you manage these different types of content. How do you present them before the visitor. This is the task of the content management system. Presently wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems. You need a good content management system so that you can present updated content to the viewers.


You need to put relevant content to the website. The content must be relevant to your niche industry and must be presented in a nice way. There must be some video content, some written content and some graphic content. In fact these content forms complement each other.

Website development

Website design is just a subset of website development. Web development includes application development, content development, web design, client-server scripting, configuration of network security etc all. This shows that website development refers to the whole process of designing a website and putting up in the domain of the internet.

Client-server scripting

You need to integrate the website with the backend in the server so that information transaction between the two can take place. For this you need proper database in the backend and a system in the front end that communicates with it. This is where you need client-server scripting. You need to work in SQL query and database in front client side and server side respectively.

Network configuration

As soon as you host the website in the internet, it gets open to network security threats. So you need to configure the network security configurations for the website as well.

This shows that between designing a website and hosting it, there are many slips between the cup and the tea. You never know whether the website design has been successful or not until you host it. Even after hosting a website there may be a number of problems. So make sure that a good team is working behind the website in order to make it a success.