Which data does not change from QuickBooks Desktop in QuickBooks Online?

Here is comprehensive information about which data does not change when you are migrating from QB desktop to QB Online. Also, here you will get information about the list of not changed features.

QuickBooks is the best software to manage the medium-sized company data within a few minutes. But in some cases, you have to encounter some hassles. Sometimes data does not change from QBD to QBO. If you want to know which data does not change from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, then you need to go ahead to get the complete answers of your query.


If you want to confirm if the feature is not changed, then perform some steps.

  • Open the browser & find the function by pressing the Ctrl+F key and you can press the Cmd+F or from the browser menu.
  • Now you need to enter the keyword associated with the missing data type for seeing if they are covered in the list of import restrictions (For example- Online Bill Payment, Reconcile, & Estimate).
  • In case, they are already included, then read all the explanation for viewing if it is answer of your query.
  • To convey us use the in-product feedback if they are not included.


Know about the size limitation while you are changing from the desktop to Online

  • If there are no size limits for QBD enterprise & QBO, then the size exists when you are changing from the Desktop to Online. To changing the QBO, the Desktop company data file should have than approx 350,000 targets.
  • For determining the targets in your files, you have to press the F2 and Ctrl +1 key on the keyboard. Under that file information, check the total targets.
  • When you have exceeded the size limit, then you need to condense the file to successfully import it QBO.


Here is the list of not changed features


  • Chart of accounts

# Bank account number and notes are not changed.

# QBO has an added type of account called “Detail Type”.

# For those accounts where the description type is clear (E.g, prefabricated funds), the conversion procedure assigns that description type.

# For those accounts where it is not explicit what the expansion should be, the change process provides a general description type within the other diversified income types, which you are allowed to edit later.


  • Attachments

# Attachments in the QuickBooks Desktop data file are not changed in QBO.


  • Information about Audit Trail

# The audit trail cannot in QBD can’t be changed to QBO.

# QBO offers its own automatic Audit sign with the detailed audit trail of each transaction which is added and converted, & the sign in?out of the user accessing the data file.


  • Bills & Bill payments

# Bills- Item receiving are changed into bills. The checkbox obtained from the bill has not been translated.

# Bill Payments- Discount discounted on a bill in QuickBooks Desktop turns into a vendor credit. In the seller’s list, the bill payment check address is changed with the address of the seller.


  • Budget

# Budgets are available in QBO & Advanced.


  • Date of Closing

# The QBD closing the date is changed but the password isn’t.


  • Changes in the credit card

# When the credit card changed in QBD, are changed in the expense in QBO.

# When the bill payment made by your credit card & changed in the bill payments.


  • Tax Support

# QBO does not export the information in the turbo tax and another tax preparation programs.

# When the QBO data files are accessed through QB for the accountant, then you will find the book for tax feature, which combines with the Intuit Tax Online.

Here you know the reason which data does not change from QBD (QuickBooks Desktop) to QBO (QuickBooks Online). If you are not certified with the given information, then feel free to make a call on QuickBooks Phone Number USA. Intuit certified team is always willing to help you.