Why Is It Important to Clean Your Kitchen Hood?

kitchen exhaust hoods

Kitchen hoods otherwise called the kitchen exhaust hoods are probably one of the fundamental necessities these days. Kitchen hoods those days where not much of a priority since people did not know the extraordinary features of the kitchen exhaust system.

Basic Kitchen Hood Features:

  • They help trap grease, smoke or any other pollutant from spreading into the rest of your kitchen
  • When not appropriately cleaned they might serve as a fire trap in future.
  • They let you have a smooth and pollutant free cooking experience
  • They partially act as a fire-resistant device

Dirty Kitchen Hoods Lead:

  • Can create high flame bursts out on top of the stove
  • The filters in the kitchen hood get affected or ignited by fire. The flames are sucked in through the duct tube which blazes out fire backwards
  • The residue of grease carries the light further into the exhaust hood which leads to further damage
  • The kitchen hoods in a restaurant set up are to be kept clean. If they find a dirty kitchen hood, then the local fire officials might ask them to pay fine or shut down the entire place
  • A non-cleaned kitchen hood can also lead to health hazard situations


It is not only relevant you install a kitchen hood but is all the more important to maintain your established kitchen hood. The cleaning of a kitchen hood can be done by yourself or can be given to a professional or a kitchen hood cleaning services.

Benefits of Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning:

  • Skip The Mess: Kitchen hood cleaning is dirty, time-consuming and onerous. The cleanup is usually done by splitting the parts and cleaning them with only grease-cutting chemicals. Experts in cleaning know how to do the entire process smoothly. They apparently do as to how to take them apart and how to put the parts back together once cleaned. When professional do the cleaning, they wash it accurately.
  • Save Time: Cleaning the kitchen hoods yourself sure does consume a lot of time and energy. However, if an expert completes the process, it will be done a bit faster and easier.
  • Complicated Designs: We will have to look into the details while cleaning the hoods. The designs and structure of the kitchen hoods will be intricate. It might make the cleaning process a bit more complicated. Handing this over to an expert will prepare to clean the device in a structured manner.
  • Repair Issues: When you are not that familiar with the kitchen hood parts, you cannot tell if individual elements are working or are under repair. To have a complete check of the entire device you should go for expert service.


  • Fire Codes: Following the fire codes is one of the crucial factors in the kitchen hood process. This helps to make sure that your system is compliant at all times. To get this right an expert hand is needed. They can do the job faster with more efficiency.

How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Kitchen Hoods?

The period for cleaning your kitchen hoods will be based on the criteria you use your kitchen hoods for. The schedule for routine cleanings under various circumstances are listed below:

  • Monthly Cleaning to be done if you use your kitchen hoods 24/7 or use it for charcoal and wood-burning stoves or Fast food set up.
  • If you use cooker then Quarterly Cleaning is to be done on 24 hours schedule.
  • If you have pizza restaurant or average size, then Semi Average Cleaning is to be done.
  • Annual Cleaning to be done if the hoods are used under non-greasy appliances or seasonal, occasional operating of hoods or low volume food production

If you own a kitchen hood, it’s better to give a professional kitchen hood service.

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