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windshield-repair-grand-junction-coAs it is necessary to repair a broken windshield to avoid any additional damages to individuals and the car itself. Let us talk about the types of windshield damages that are done by striking material (debris). There are generally two types of damages, crack and chip.



The striking of any material to windshield generally forms a crack and there is horizontally breakage across the windshield. The length of crack may vary from few inches to the whole length of the windscreen. Due to crack, the strength and ability to hold wind pressure decrease. A crack is like a weak bridge that if it is not repaired in time it can cause additional damage to the vehicle.



A chip is formed when debris strikes the windscreen. Due to the debris effect, a hole can be seen on the windscreen. The formation of the chip is like a star break. There is a solid effect on the windscreen due to chip formation. The place where chip forms have in-depth damage and there are cracks around the hole.


Considering both cases, damage to the windscreen is not a tiny issue. If ignored, it can cause immense damage. Therefore, the grand valley auto glass facility is serving the community regarding this situation. Our windshield repairing facility firstly, observes the damages due to cracks or chip formation and after visual inspection, the next step is executed. If the damage is on a small scale, the repair is done and our experienced workers have guts to do their work with perfection.


The repairing facility is available in case of laminated glass. If the windscreen is made up of tempered glass, repairing is not a good option as it can cause additional damage.

The windscreen is responsible for holding up to 60% of vehicle strength. Following are the factors that are considered while repairing windscreen:



Considering the location of the damage is the crack is on the outer edge of the windscreen then while repairing the structural integrity of the screen can be compromised because the edges are much sensitive to damage as compared to the central body.



While repairing, it is also mandatory to consider the size of crack and chip. According to National Windscreen Repair Association, to repair a chip upper limit of size is three inches and in case of crack, the limit is fourteen inches. If size crosses the limit, repairing is not a good option and the replacement is the best option.



As the windscreen is like layers structure, inner glass layer then plastic layer and then outer glass layer. If the damage is deep up to the inner glass layer, repairing is not favorable.


Therefore, windshield repair Grand Junction is providing the best-repairing solution to its customers considering all the necessary precautions referred by regulating authorities. For appointment and quote, just give us a call or physically approach us, our team will serve you with best.